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If you are looking for timber floors in Brisbane, you have plenty of choice. This is a big city, so there are some big suppliers who stock all kinds of timber and have the necessary experience to lay them for you, and, should you want them to maintain your floor. Not that good quality timber flooring needs much maintenance. All you need to do is to sweep and mop it occasionally. However, in high footfall environments, the floor may need re-waxing or lacquering every few years.

timber-floors-in-brisbaneWhat types of woods are used for timber floors?

In the past most wooden floors were made from oak, but these days there is far more choice. The list of different woods that are used in flooring is a long one.

Here is a list of the most popular woods used for flooring and some of the properties if each of them:

Bamboo flooring – this is one of the newest woods to be used for flooring, but it is already extremely popular. The look and feel of the wood varies depending on where and how it has been grown and harvested. It is viewed as an environmentally friendly form of flooring because it grows fast.

Beech floors – this wood is quite rare. It is used mainly in America for wooden floors. It looks very similar to maple, but wears better.

Birch wood floors – there are many different kinds of birch available. Most are quite light in colour. Despite the fact that there are so many kinds of birch, it is still a relatively rare wood, which can be expensive to have lain as flooring

Cedar wood flooring – Cedar is a knotty wood, so, in the past, it was rarely used on large areas. However, modern consumers seem to like the quirky nature of this wood, so demand for cedar is growing in some parts of the world.

Cherry – cherry wood is a relatively rare flooring material, but it is growing in popularity. It has a light brown finish shot through with slightly darker reddish threads.

Fir – in some parts of Europe fir flooring has been popular for many years. This tree produces wide planks that are uniform in appearance if a little knotty. Douglas fir is the main type used for flooring.

Hemlock – this wood is non-resinous and light. It is known for its resistance to rot, so can be used in most environments.

Hickory flooring – this wood is used for hardwood floors, and it is heavy and durable. The grain is close and is a popular material for the veneer on composite wood floors.

Maple – this kind of flooring is very light in colour with a beautiful wavy and fine grain. It works really well in today’s minimalist or contemporary style homes it is also a popular choice for offices and retail outlets.

Mahogany – this wood is quite dark with a hint of red. The grain varies depending on where it has been grown. If you want a really hard and durable floor, Caribbean Mahogany is a good choice.

Oak – as we said this wood has been used for centuries for flooring and it is still one of the most popular choices. Good quality oak lasts for literally hundreds of years. In fact, if you want an antique or recycled wooden floor oak is likely to be what you end up with because it is so much used oak is available. The colour of the oak varies, but most people describe it as a dark honey colour.

Older oak will have a patina on it so it can appear darker. However, if you want to you can have it planed down and restored to get back the natural colour.

Pine flooring– pine is now one of the most popular modern flooring materials. It comes in a range of colours and hardness grades, but most pine is quite light and has an almost creamy colour. It darkens quite quickly.

Rosewood floors – rosewood is an unusual colour the best way to describe the colour is reddish brown, but it has a purple quality to it.

Spruce – Norway spruce is very light, almost white, with a close grain, so it is popular with modern home-owners.

Teak flooring – this wood is another popular hardwood. It varies in tone, but usually has a deep red tone. Recycled Burmese teak is particularly popular, but can be difficult to get hold of.

Walnut – this wood is very strong and very hard. It has a lovely chocolate brown tone, which is quite different from the creams and reds of other hard woods.

The timber flooring Brisbane business you use should discuss the properties of the woods that they offer with you. They should do this to ensure that you choose the right wood for the job. Most businesses do this because they know that the only way to ensure that the floor stands the test of time is to use the right wood and finish for each job.


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