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Timber Flooring In Australia

When you think of renovating your home or designing a brand new living space, one of the questions that you need to consider is the type of flooring to use. Along with the flooring to choose, you will also need to think about some other important aspects. How much are you willing to spend on the flooring? How durable is the flooring, how long will it last? Is the installation a complex process or can it be done easily? How expensive or easy will it be to maintain?

Timber flooring in Australia is a very popular option because it has several advantages over other types of flooring. Some of the advantages include:

  • Timber flooring offers excellent value for money
  • It will last very long, often as long as the building itself
  • You can easily resurface timber floors
  • Timber floors are easy to care for and maintain
  • They are easy to clean
  • The flooring is not conducive to harbouring allergens and dust mites unlike a carpet
  • A timber floor would also not hold onto heavy odours and is difficult to stain
  • When recycled timber or renewable options are used, timber flooring is highly eco-friendly
  • When it comes to aesthetic appeal, timber flooring leaves other types of flooring options far behind

timber-flooring-in-australiaIn Brisbane, timber flooring is a sensible option because the warm climate makes it a very practical choice. Experienced craftspeople can finish laying the floor in less than a day.

When it comes to wooden flooring, there is an amazing range of options that are available for you to choose from. Timber flooring has become accessible and affordable to everyone. A few decades ago, a wooden floor would typically be something that you see only in the stately homes of the super-rich. But with affordable timber flooring options, it is accessible to everyone.

You want a timber floor, what next?

Great! So you have decided that you want to timber floor. Now you should get a sense of what is available in the market. Here are a few types of wooden flooring that you could choose from for your home.

Real wood flooring

This type of flooring is made from 100% natural wood. The planks that you get from real wood are solid rather than composite or engineered. Real wood flooring can be either hardwood or softwood. Most real wood flooring would be hardwood, but some softwood, such as pine, are also excellent for flooring. It is worth double-checking with the retailer about the kind of wood that is being used for your floors, because you would be subjecting it to a lot of wear and tear and it would need to last for a significant amount of time.

Composite wood flooring

Composite wood floors are made from scrap wood pieces that are glued together, bonded under high pressure, and dried mechanically. The flooring is hundred percent wood even in this case, but it is manufactured wooden planks rather than solid wood which is cut out from trees directly.

A composite wood floor can be finished in several different ways. The top layer which is added over the planks can be a layer of either real wood or faux wood. When you use a thick layer of real wood, the floor will be more durable. Some of the faux finishes may last you a while, but some wear off within a couple of years.

A composite wood floor is more affordable. A real wood floor is more expensive, but is more durable. You need to bear all these points in mind when you choose the right flooring for your home.



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