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Timber Flooring Brisbane South

Buying timber flooring in Brisbane South has never been easier. Over the past decade, timber flooring has gone from being the kind of flooring you only saw in halls and stately homes and the homes of the super rich to being accessible to all.

These days, when it comes to wooden flooring, there is an amazing choice. It is great to have so many options, but the fact that there are so many different kinds of timber flooring available means that it can also be confusing for your average consumer.

This page gives you an overview of what is available as well as some tips to help you to choose the right real wood flooring for your home, office, public space or retail unit. Wooden floors work great in all of these environments and the advice provided on this page is universal. It can be used by anyone to choose the best flooring for the job.

timber-flooring-brisbane-southWhat are the main types of timber flooring?

The first step is to understand what is available. Here is a summary of the main types of wooden flooring that you can choose between.

Real wood

The first kind is real wood. That is to say, flooring made from 100% natural wood. The planks in this kind of floor are solid wood rather than being a composite (see our composite flooring section for more information about those).

Naturally, given the fact that the wear and tear a floor is subjected to is quite high you need to ensure that any timber floor you opt for is made from the right kind of wood. The majority of the woods used for flooring are hardwood, but some of the slower growing softwoods are also suitable for use as floors. For example, pine.

Most floor retailers use the right kinds of woods for their floors, but it is well worth double-checking. Because softwood grows faster than hardwood, it is a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous firms will try to fob you off with the wrong kind of wood, therefore you need to be aware of this and check that the flooring you are buying is actually fit for purpose.

Composite wood flooring

It is also possible to buy composite or engineered wood flooring. This kind of flooring is made from scrap wood that is pressed together to form planks. The wood is held together with glue and is usually pressed under pressure and dried mechanically. For this reason, it is sometimes called fake wood. In reality, this kind of flooring is made 100% from wood, but it is manufactured wood rather than solid wood cut as planks straight from trees.

However, it can be finished in different ways. With this kind of wood, a top layer is added to the planks. This is known as the finish. That finish can either be a thin layer of real wood, or faux wood, which is a bit like plasticised paper that has a wood pattern printed onto it.

The thicker the layer of real wood is the more durable the floor will be. Some of the flux finishes are quite durable, but some will wear away within a year or two. You need to bear this in mind when choosing your flooring.

Is wooden flooring suitable in all environments?

As you can see, there is a lot of choice. In most environments, which kind of wooden flooring you buy is dictated by the look you are trying to achieve and your budget.

However, in some situations you will have to consider other things before making a final purchase. If you are buying a floor for use in a high traffic environment such as a hallway or public space you need to buy wood that is durable enough to withstand that level of wear and tear.

Another consideration is ease of maintenance. In a kitchen or bathroom, you need a floor that has a finish that can withstand spillage. If you are purchasing a timber floor for use in an industrial setting, you may need to ensure that the wooden floor you buy can withstand extremes of temperatures and chemicals.

Fortunately, modern lacquers mean that wooden timber floors Brisbane can be made more durable. This means that usually you can have the wood that gives you the look you prefer almost regardless of the environment the floor is to be used in.

How to buy timber flooring?

Now you know how to choose the right kind of flooring all that remains is for you to find the right firm to source and install your timber floor. The most important step is to find an experienced firm who has a good track record. You should be able to see some of their previous work and they should sit down with you and ask you how you plan to use the space where the floor is going to be laid to ensure that they use the right timber for the job.


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