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Hardwood Timber Flooring Brisbane

Your choice of flooring is important, so if you are looking to buy hardwood timber flooring in Brisbane this page is for you. Here we give you the information you need to make sure that you buy the best flooring for your home or commercial space.

Why choosing the right flooring is important

It is important to take your time when choosing flooring this is because the kind of floor you choose has a big impact on the look and feel of your home. Next time you walk into a room pause and think about what you notice first about that room. Normally, it will be the hardwood flooring that you notice first. That is because it is a big area, which means that you cannot avoid taking it in when you enter a room. That is why a room instantly looks much better when the floor has been swept or vacuumed.

The other reason you need to take your time and buy the right flooring is the fact that replacing a floor can be costly. It is far more expensive than repainting or wallpapering a wall. If you make a mistake with your flooring, it will cost money to replace it, so getting it right first time is important.

Here are the things you need to consider when buying flooring. In particular when you buy a wooden floor.

hardwood-timber-floors-in-brisbaneLook and feel

Naturally, the first decision is what you want the floor to look like. It needs to blend in and work with the decor you choose. If you are going for a contemporary look you will not want a parquet floor, stripped pine is going to be a better option. Whereas if you are going for an Edwardian or thirties look parquet floor would be great.

Fortunately, with a hardwood timber floors you have the chance to change the look and feel of it. Provided you choose good quality real wood floors you can have the flooring stripped back and re-coloured any time you want, which means that you have the chance to change the look and feel of your flooring.

However, if you choose a composite wood floor you are not likely to be able to do this. That is because this kind of wood flooring is made by compressing several layers of wood together. Normally, the finish is a thing top layer of good quality wood.

It can be a good choice because it is relatively cheap, but still looks nice. The problem is that it wears far faster than a 100% natural wood floor would. In addition, because the finish is so thin it is normally not possible to strip it back and refinish it. Sometimes composite flooring works out to be a false economy, which brings us onto the next important consideration…cost.

Cost and quality

It is important to stay within your budget, but you need to be aware that with wooden flooring you normally get what you pay for. If you buy very cheap flooring, you are likely to regret it later.

You can get away with cheaper flooring in a room which does not get much wear and tear for example in a guest room, but if you lay it in a busy area the finish will wear off quickly. When that happens the only way to get it looking right is to have it stripped back and re-finished. As we said earlier, you can do this with a real wood floor, but not with most composite floors. Usually spending a little more and buying a top quality wood floor is by far the best option. Look at it as an investment.

That brings us to another important consideration, which is the finish you chose.

How to choose the right finish for wood flooring

Choosing the right finish affects how good your floor will look. You need to work out whether you want a high gloss finish or a matt finish. The colour and width of the planks is a factor you need to consider as well as the pattern you have it laid in.

If you are planning to lay rugs on your floor this may affect what finish you choose. Laying rugs on a high gloss floor is not normally a good idea because it is too slippery to be safe. There are ways to make rugs safe on high gloss floors, but you need to think about safety and plan to make your wooden floor safe.

Your last consideration when choosing a finish is maintenance. Again, this is an area where it is easy to make a serious mistake by simply choosing the cheapest option. It is important to bear in mind that how good the finish is will affect how often the flooring needs to be re-finished. If you go for a good quality finish, your flooring can stay down even in high traffic areas for decades without needing to be re-finished.

Using the information above should enable you to buy the right timber flooring brisbane northside and enjoy it for many years to come.


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